Men's Fragrance "Vanilla Sky" by Territory

Men's Fragrance "Vanilla Sky" by Territory

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Sometimes you just like to smell different!

That explains why William T created this Fragrance. 

I adopted it as our household scent because I fell in love with it the first time I inhaled it. Trademarked for that #skylinelivin and the Emotion you fell when people tell you how great you smell. With the vanilla being the first scent you smell it gives off a an aroma scent that is bold but pleasant, sweet and masculine. Undeniable to the nose, a real lady pleasure must be the amber and black current in it.

It comes in a 8 floz Bottle. That gives you1200 sprays calculating to 3 cents pre spray. Giving you the advantage to smell good all day. It is also multipurpose you can spray on body, clothing, in the atmosphere and even in the car to hide those smells or set the mood if you know what I mean. 

Buy a bottle and #weartheemotion it is an SA thing, made in the city and created by a local. Thank you for the support.