About Us

About us

So much to be said might turn this into a diary. The movement started with an idea and five hundred dollars. And a plan strategy for marketing using social media and delivering the hoodies to the consumers. Serving and collecting like Pizza Hut. That strategy created a movement and an organic substance that will never die. Many hours on the corner with a sign a smiling face and a waving hand. Even got splashed with water on a rainy day. Let me rewind a second. The art can from an artist a graffiti artist Young William to be a hundred percent correct. So that gave it the flavor and me knowing the city being a real hustler knowing the ways of the city helped us a lot. The secret sauce. Market research is one of the best things you can do in business.

Minutes turning into hours, hours turning into days then weeks passing getting no action. People honking, waving and yelling. Then one day consumers begin to stop and buy. The movement began taking off like a race horse in the Kentucky derby with a glue truck behind it. Went from selling one to two hoodies a day too selling a hundred in a day. That day was mind blowing and history in the making. We begin to give the people what they wanted, so more designs came then t-shirts, baby clothing different color hoodies. Inventory buildup was so high we had to use Big Jay’s van but that didn't last too long because I scratched the rims then a pebble hit the windshield. I was pissed that day. Damn truck with rocks in it. I didn't even want to give the van back I tried to fix it, laugh out loud, could not get it done in time I gave it back in shame and never to drive the van again. We were all over the city with in the van it had rims tv’s and loud as speakers. We use the term gorilla hustling we would set up shop everywhere (subways, gas stations, malls, walking up to strangers and shopping center parking lots The same location where the store is located at now.) Fast forward a little when ended up in the Marriott Hotel due to the weather, cold and rainy. The rates were such a great price it was hard to leave. We trapped it out so hard the manager of the hotel came and bought some hoodies. That is chapter 1 on how THE LINE was created. Check out our Blogs for Chapter 2.