The story of the Original. Watching the Spurs paly Golden State this was 2013 I believe. Steph and Clay was killing us (they didn't win the series though) but the way they were playing had me locked in on their logo. I ponder thought about the Seattle Supersonic's logo. And that's when I knew I had something special. I knew a lot of people who wanted to Represent the city but they didn't want to wear the Spurs logo. I also knew some people who loved the retro logo when it was on purple shirts. So I figured I would kill to birds with won stone. 

The Logo was so simple a lot of people told me it would not work. I was down to my last $500.00 (Had just lost 20k on the Future show). I need it to work. After posting on the corner for 30 day and 30 nights persons of interest begin to stop and support the cause. Next thing I knew I was selling hoodies non stop in the heat. You know San Antonio weather be but you also know the people of San Antonio if they see you working hard they will support especially local businesses.  With that being said I am so thankful for the city and will continue to sell fine linen.