Why you should shop with Skyline Hoodies

Why you should shop with Skyline Hoodies

 Have you ever bought one of those 3 for $20 T-shirts and could not figure out why it was itchy? Let me give you some knowledge on why it effected your skin. How the cotton is treated and spun in to the fabric, has everything to do texture and softness of the finished product.

Carded Open End Cotton, known as C.O.E., is very inexpensive due to the manufacturing and process used to create it. This form of cotton it is not cleaned or combed. The cotton is pulled out of the ground and spun in to fabric with no process of manicure. Leaving that itchy feeling to the skin and a stiff look to the shirt. No swag. So next time you decide to be cheap at least your skin will know why.

Ring Spun Cotton, better then C.O.E., but still not considered top shelf when it comes to cotton fibers. All the impurities are left remaining in the material once the fabric is spun in to cotton. The soil and plant matter mixed in with the weather decay is spun in to the fabric, thus making the shirt not as soft as it should be. Don’t believe the hype next time you hear Ring Spun Cotton. Tell them you want fine linen.


Combed Ring Spun Cotton is next on our list. The upside of this cotton fabric is that it is combed out, meaning it goes through a cleaning process, thus freeing it from some but not all impurities. This makes the cotton a lighter yield which raises the price of the fabric, but creates a softer T-shirt which equates to a better feel for the skin. Combed Ring Spun Cotton is the minimum type of cotton you want to buy when purchasing a T shirt, now we are getting to the fine linen.


Airlume /Combed + Ring Spun Cotton is the cream of the crop, when it comes to fine linen. The cleaning process of the cotton is at a super-high standard, combing through at least 25 percent of the cotton. In this process only the longest staples of cotton are used, causing less strays of fibers. This is what makes this cotton at a higher price point, but your skin will appreciate the feel of the cotton a lot more. There is not cotton softer then Airlume/Combed + Ring Spun Cotton. Now that you’re educated, when you see fine linen recognize the importance of that stamp.


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