Watch for the snakes in the grass

I noticed from transitioning from the streets to the business world there are no shortage of snakes trying to get you. You must, and I cannot stress this enough, you must pick your circle carefully. There are people who seem to be in your corner and want to see you succeed but, they see you as an opportunity for them to come up. Here’s my story about a cobra whose venom wasn’t strong enough to end a pimp.

In 2015 I had gotten my real estate license and had prepared myself for a life changing career. I was introduced to this realtor who was willing to take me under their wing and show me how to get to the money. For the sake of this story, we’ll call her FB. FB claimed she was successful and wanted nothing but the best for me. Her accolades spoke for herself, she received awards for being one of the top sellers at the brokerage, so I assumed I was in good hands. To earn some extra money, I started off by being her transaction coordinator. I rode with her every morning on listing and showing appointments and when I got home, I would work on her transactions. All of this was new to me, so I had to get busy to learn this stuff. I was her ride or die. If she needed anything I was a phone call away. I had come from the streets, so my feeling was you must pay your dues to be put all the way on. So, there I was going above and beyond for FB. A house needed to be cleared, I was there. Closing needed to be attended, I was there. Keys get left I would go get the keys and bring them. Whatever FB asked I was there. As my own real estate business started showing some improvement, the money starts coming in. At that time, I felt I wasn’t good at managing money so she offered to manage my money and open an account that I couldn’t touch for my benefit. A few years past and I started to notice that I am getting spoon fed my money. Instead of giving me what I ask for I was getting crumbs and most of the time FB wouldn’t answer the phone. During that time Mr. Skyline and I were back to kicking it everyday. He warned me about her saying “Something just don’t seem right my G. Fuck FB you need to do shit on your own.” Sure, enough he was right. At the end FB ended up owing me $12,000, which I never recouped, plus the countless hours/days I would be along her side helping whichever way I could. I broke ties with her and tried to start on my own, but it was starting with no money, no support, and everything I worked hard for was gone, EXCEPTED the knowledge and the experience I gained and that is unmatched.

The moral of this story is watch who you have in your circle. A lot of snakes are beautiful and majestic, but those are the ones that pack the most venom to take you out. They look like a great opportunity and will tell you anything you want to hear. Your real friends will be the ones telling you “That shit don’t add up” listen when they tell you this.

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