There are Rules to This Game

On my journey to becoming a true entrepreneur I have realized that there are rules to this game. As I said in my VLOG on TikTok, Entrepreneur 101, this game is not for everyone. One key factor that every entrepreneur must have is discipline. With this lifestyle one must have discipline to do all the following: Time management, focus, endure sacrifice, customer service, teamwork, continuing education, accountability, and be self motivated. To ensure success all the above must be achieved.

Out of all the above-mentioned traits the most important to me is accountability. I have seen this make or break a person in business. If you are not accountable for your actions your business will fail. You have to be accountable for your time, your budget, your marketing, your mistakes, and the list can go on and on. Holding yourself accountable is tough to do. It is easy to point the finger at others and/or the situation that occurs instead of looking at what I could have done to avoid this. I used to point the finger and thought it was never my fault, everything else around me was to blame. It wasn’t until I reached deep inside stood back and looked at the whole picture that I was able to see how I could have changed things. I cannot stress enough in order to be successful in this lifestyle you have to stand on yours and admit when you are the cause. Another important trait every entrepreneur must have is customer service. People are going to be how you make your money. Without customers buying your product, whatever it is your selling is worthless. Not everyone has great customer service, this can be taught, what you do have to be is a people person. Not liking to talk to people and expecting to do business is like wanting to train dogs and not liking dogs’ shit is just not going to work. FYI selling just to family and friends is not doing business. You will not get rich just selling to family and friends, you must sell to people you don’t know to get rich, and that is the art of doing business. The last point I want to touch on and needs to be addressed, every entrepreneur must be self-motivated. I believe self-motivation explains itself, but I will go into detail. It is a misconception that working for yourself, you can go to work when you want THIS IS FALSE never further from the truth. You are always on the grind putting in 60-80 hours plus a week. The grind never stops and to keep up with this type of lifestyle you must be self-motivated. There will be days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed or go to the river with friends. Your business doesn’t care if you’re tired. Your business doesn’t care if you haven’t seen your friends. All it cares about is how much time and money you are willing to sacrifice. Your business will never call you to get you up, your business will never tell you to stay late, your business won’t tell you to go home when hangout with friends it’s all on you!

To conclude being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, some like hanging out with friends, some like having that family time, some like getting out of bed late and there is nothing wrong with that. It is always to each is own, but if you are ready for this lifestyle and be finically independent these traits are a must. For all my entrepreneurs stay bliss stay grinding stay shining keep chasing those goals and dreams!!!

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