Say Hello to The Hunter

          Boxing is the true underground sport of San Antonio Texas. Seeing two gladiators step in the ring, face to face, adrenaline pumping all eyes on them is pure excitement. When you hear that bell ring Ding Ding! Ding! and witness all the melodrama, the loud cheering and slogans being spoken at the top of their lungs, sending energy to their chosen fighter. Everyone is holding their breath until the first punch is thrown, then the thunder and lightning enters the building once again hearing roars from the crowd. There's no way I could comprehend being in the arena, hands in boxing gloves, shoes tied tightly in a chosen square ready to fight. That gladiator,  that trained professional under the microscope of all the witnesses, feeling the love or hate knowing everyone is watching their every move. Wanting to see a knock out watching a falling solider looking up to a winner. The mental of a fighter has to be on another level and with this blog you will get to know San Antonio’s own   Eddie “The Hunter” Ortiz. 
           Let’s get inside of Eddies mental and see how he views the lifestyle of being a gladiator and what made him want to step in the ring. The first question of curiosity I asked him was, when did he know he could fight? I was intrigued by his answer because he  said the moment he stepped into Zarzamora Street Gym is when he knew he could fight. I’m assuming from all the PPV fights he watched with his family, cheering on Oscar De Le Hoya, while throwing jabs and hooks at the tv gave him that courage to walk in the gym and say "Let's do this I am the Hunter"! Eddie made sure I knew that he knew, this is one on one competition and the winner receives the glory, the fame, and the next chance while the fallen fighter has no one to blame but himself and must face defeat.           
         I proceed to dig a little deeper in Eddies mind and ask him "What is the number one under rated component of boxing"? He smiled, took a deep breath and said, "The mental focus. Getting punched in the face and training at the highest level is the easy part. Your mental becomes exhausted, the mind will break before the body. Unless you focus and train the mind like you train your physical body. You must be at peace with yourself when you step in that ring". Words of wisdom to you inspiring fighters.
           Then we begin to talk about San Antonio. I asked "Why start your career here in the city"? Eddie replied “San Antonio is a fight loving city. No other feeling like selling out the Alamo dome to showcasing your skills. Then if you catch the right buzz and deliver San Antonio will love and support your sportsmanship forever and that’s the love I’m looking for". 
           RGBA and Lara’s boxing camp is who Eddie trains between. Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez is his head trainer, his father is his cut man, and Luis Bermea is the assistant trainer. Eddies's teammate is a WBA ranked #14 fighter in the world, Javier “Pitbull” Rodriguez which you will hear from in the next blog. As you can see Eddie is in great hands and has his eye on the prize. They are a team of proven winners and he will be the next name you speak when it comes to boxing.
           Eddie, when it’s time to enter that ring what is your go to song? "Simple Man by Lynard Skynard," he replied. Eddie if you could change the world what would you do? Eddie said "It's not what I would do but what I’m going to do and that is promote love within the human race and do my part by donating time and money to my community and other across the world doing my part to help others". Eddie, when is your next fight in the city? "February not too sure on the exact date, but February". This will be his first professional fight in the city of the Saint. Make sure you boxing fans come and support Eddie in his next Fight. If you want to follow, contact, or if you are just a fan that wants to say keep up the good work, his Instagram is Edortiz1591 .

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