Journal Entry 2

Today and like the month before it is about playing the waiting game. With a backup plan pondering and trying to mustard up enough courage and well power to put it in play. The contractor has summited drawing to my landlord that has been denied several times. I’m starting to think he knows as much about renovating commercial properties as I do. Which is fine, it helps me learn what I’m putting my money and time in to. With that being said I decide to go with the backup plan. I have and continue to research the details and the formal to executing a successful renovation on a commercial property in a timely manner. So with the help of William aka Baby Gezus being the art expert we going to get this done in house.

                Which opens up doors of opportunity for new business and passive income. I have a meeting downtown with City of San Antonio Development Services Department just to make sure I have all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed. When we pull this off it will restore 16 hundred dollars back to the budget of the store freeing up more capital to play with. Once this journey is complete, it’s time to get in to real estate. But before then I am going to open up my own contractor business and hire my dad as lead developer. That why I can cut cost with the renovation and purchasing million dollar insurance so landlord can be pleased with me agreeing to the terms of the lease which will spend the process up to get these doors open to the public. I have dropped some jewels in this entry, for those on the same journey as me. Let’s live in the moment, strive for greatness and do the impossible. Skylinelivin

 Yours Truly

 CEO Tip aka Young Steve


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