Ever Heard of Me

Music music music, art with words that forms pictures you can imagine, that leaves an emotion on your mental and soul. Those words sum up how I feel about music. With that being said I want to introduce you too Young Silence. A young man with words of wisdom and a taste for knowledge. Who has a tongue that speaks the words to make a women fall in love.

So I had a chance to seat and speak with Young Silence and pick his brain. First thing I asked him was are you Otto Silence or is that a group? He told me the name Otto Silence came from a humble studio session, when Otto the guitarist started freestyling strumming to a 36 mafia beat, with him being Young Silence he felt it was his duty to join in and start freestyling and serving the beat, ever since then they have been a duo. He then began to speak on his first song he wrote as a 7 year old child, he said the instrumental was Lil Bow wow “You Just don’t Know”. He was going so hard so the beat and stylish with his taco jeans on.

Our subject matter then switched to artist. Young Silence said the first thing that comes to his mind when he hears the word artist is Da Vinci & Van Gogh, when he hears the term “I’m real” he thinks of J Cole, Kid Cudi and Jay Electronica, and believes the number one over rated thing about hip hop is social media.

When asked what made him pursue Hip Hop as a career, Young Silence said his heart clings to rap as a female lusting for a man’s heart. Young Silence said his vision can only be obtained through the story he leaves behind in his music. People only remember a perception of you and his reality is his music. When I asked him the struggle of being a local artist “Do you hate it or love it?” Young Silence said you can only love it for so long if music is your true love you want the world to hear your message you cannot obtain this as a local artist.

I ask you the reader what do you think about the Hip Hop culture in San Antonio and do you believe it needs to be fixed? When I asked Young Silence the same question he said yes, but only the true and pure hearted fans can do the fixing. In their hearts they love having fun but it takes an artist to open their ear and it’s the responsibility of the radio stations to present this so they know it’s available and only then can this Hip Hop culture change in San Antonio.

Young Silence then spoke on how he was thee top athlete in elementary, middle, and high school.
He said he went to college and played basketball only to get a free degree, Young Silence is a native of Oakcliff Dallas Texas but is raised in The City of the Saint (San Antonio Texas). Young Otto also mentions he is here to change the world one ear at a time. Young Silence goes into greater detail explaining to me, hope is the key and can cure all. Divide is manufactured through TV and media sources. Your soul has no limits. We are all images of god, love live and laugh, because stress can kill you and your mind. The world is a shell you must crack.

How many of you are guilty to listening to trap music with your children? Do you know words have energy and behind a beat you can manifest thoughts which can lead to actions of a child's mind? Young Silence confronts that subject matter saying very seldom will he let them be subject to that so early when their mind is still so fragile, math and science is at the forefront of his child’s mind.

As I bring this interview down to a close I asked him to tell me one thing about himself that nobody knows, Young Silence says “I have written and burned three books.

You can see Young Silence has been putting in work but it’s not working when you love what you do. This is Br Brr Berry until next time. Have yourself a good one. One day wasted is a day you can never get back. A New Year is upon us.

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