Chase your Goals Chase your Dreams

Everything I’ve been through in the past has made the man I am today. No shame and no regrets, well maybe a couple. In business you can never give up no matter what happens, keep ten toes to the ground and head to the sky! My turning point was picking up a book and studying businessmen who has succeeded. Their inspiration was my motivation. I felt if they could do it so could I. The blueprint is laid down now it’s time to follow it. Education is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you are serious about making moves in the business world you MUST keep educating yourself. Reading was a turning point in my life. Growing up I thought reading was for nerds and goodie two shoes. I never expected that it would catapult me to levels above and beyond my expectations. Reading and writing is the key fundamental attribute that every successful person has in common. If you think people like Kanye, Jay Z, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gate didn’t do any reading or writing to obtain their generational wealth you’re a damn fool. It’s crazy that the gentlemen I just mentioned are from different parts of the spectrum, but they all have common traits. Reading and writing is definitely one that all men have done and probably still do to this day. I cannot tell you what you should read that’s for you to decide and research, but I can give you a few to check out. One of my personal favorites is Curtis Jackson’s Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter. 50’s style of writing relates to me, and I understand where he is coming from because I have lived a gangster lifestyle. I know the rules of the streets and how to maneuver in them. He almost lost his life to the streets, and I almost lost my freedom. Another book I would recommend is Way of The Wolf by Jordan Belfort. If you’re not familiar who Mr. Belfort is, he is The Wolf of Wall Street. His sales technique, The Straight-Line System is unlike any other. He puts the art of sales in a perspective I have never seen before. Of course, I wouldn’t be a serious businessman if I didn’t recommend the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. His strategy of mental warfare puts you on a whole other level. You can use these strategies to manipulate people, I wouldn’t recommend doing it but to each is own, just depending on where your moral compass is. These are just a few I would recommend to you, but like I said its on you to do the research and find which books work for you.

In closing I cannot stress how important reading and writing is. It is the foundation of chasing your goals and your dreams. Without this your chance of succeeding is slim to none. Stay strong my people stay bliss and CAHSE YOUR GOALS CHASE YOUR DREAMS GO GET THAT MONEY BAY BEEEEE!!!

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