A canvas you can wear.

Welcome to The Line.

A great piece that works for everyone.

Always create in style.

Established in 2013, We specialize in selling quality something we like to call fine linen. Started with a vision and a trunk full of hoodies.

Essential Hoodie Sandshell W/ City of Champions

Essential Hoodie Sandshell W/ City of Champions

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A relaxed yet sturdy fit, this 8.5 oz 3-end fleece unisex heavyweight hoodie was designed for comfort, warmth, and durability.

Best in class under 5% shrinkage.



The Line Starts Here.
Business Model
The experience we sell will last long after you purchase our clothes. Our purpose is quality over quantity. Wearable longevity is key to our success. We intend for our product to be worn as memorabilia to last. The energy we put forth to designing our clothes, resonates in the clothes, and once it's put on, the power is released of extreme greatness. Exclusivity is key to us so don't miss out, make sure to press that buy button today. WEAR THE EMOTION.

We would love to see you in our clothes so please tag us with you wearing THE LINE on social media. #skylinelivin.
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Once its gone its gone.

Limited supply, can you say EXCLUSIVITY. Rarely do remakes I have a ton of ideas. Yesterday's price is not today's price. Welcome to The Line.

The Journey

These are moments when I knew I had something special. Most of these picuters where taken in 2013. A huge thank you with peace and blessing for those who we meet on the journey.